Dream Cloud Hybrid Luxury Mattress Review


What type of mattress is the DreamCloud?

The DreamCloud is a hybrid, high-end mattress with it’s 8 well-balanced levels of leading memory foam support and patented coil system.

Made and crafted with a hand tufted Cashmere cover, heat treated cotton pad for cooling, layers of premier foam, springy and encouraging coils, and a range of other distinct functions, the DreamCloud fits into one the best most luxury mattresses can provide. luxurymattress

The plush Euro-top works as a contouring pillow that nestles the body and includes the Cashmere cover, leading memory foam layer and the latex layers.

Enhanced sidewalls provide unequaled edge support for continuous sleep quality from edge to edge.

Each of these specialized features keep your DreamCloud sensation like new, day in and day out, every year for their lifelong service warranty– and if that wasn’t enough, when you buy DreamCloud it includes one professional cleaning ($ 300 worth) after one year of ownership, at no charge upon request.

And, after 5 years of ownership, if the DreamCloud cover or support products require refreshing, DreamCloud will recondition the mattress to like brand-new condition, at no charge as soon as throughout your ownership.

DreamCloud utilizes innovative innovation and premium products to create the very best support for your spine.

The soft cashmere, high-density foams, and encased coils permit you to experience the best sleep ever.

Let’s take a deeper take a look at the coils: the patent pending “Bestrest” framed hypo-allergenic coils provide included support and help you attain optimum positioning of your spinal column.   mattress coils

DreamCloud is developed for high performance as well as circulation of pressure, while molding around your body for any position or amount of pressure and weight.

If you have pain in the back, are a side sleeper, stomach sleeper, have actually had any type of hip, knee, neck surgery, or are simply a light sleeper in general, this bed mattress can be a game changer.

For everybody else– it’s going to feel more like sleeping at a 5-star hotel.

DreamCloud Materials

This mattress will offer a coil system for the support and structure of the mattress. It will  have a number of layers of comfort foams, including a number of layers of memory foam & one layer of latex. As a result, these will relieve pressure, evenly disperse weight and provide ideal comfort for lots of sleepers. DreamCloud will also adapt well to all sleeping positions and need to benefit sleeping cool. It also is designed to have minimal motion transfer, decent edge support, and ideal convenience. mattress dream

The cover of this hybrid has a soft cashmere fabric.

This product is smooth to the touch. Under this are several layers of numerous foams to produce a medium firm feeling mattress. These layers integrate latex and numerous varying memory foams with a coil system to create a 15 ″ mattress. The coil system offers great support while permitting the differing foams to contour and react to your bodies every move.

This produces a more balanced support, great alignment, and comfort.

DreamCloud Comfort & Details

This mattress only has one convenience option.

This medium company feel must appeal to numerous sleepers and work well for all sleeping positions. The combination of several layers of memory foams in addition to a thin layer of latex need to supply a very pressure alleviating surface.

The foams are a number of inches thick and make the top 5.5 ″ of the bed consisted of all convenience foams.

You should sink in simply adequate however the foams ought to be dense sufficient to permit you to not sink in too much. The quantity of comfort foams might nearly verge on excessive. Mainly since these kinds of foams will be more likely to droop earlier than later on.

An advantage of having a hybrid with so many layers of foam is isolating motion and lessening any disturbances by partner movement.

These several different layers are slow responding foam that will help reduce any vibrations.

Nevertheless, these many layers of heat maintaining memory foam may come at an expense. Due to the fact that there are many layers of memory foam, you may discover yourself stuck more quickly. As well as getting a bit warmer while you sleep.


mattress comfort
The DeamCloud hybrid takes a coil system and specialty foams to develop a bed mattress that will be comfy and encouraging enough for a lot of everyone. This 15 ″ bed mattress ought to work great for each sleeping position. It will have a strong innerspring core integrated with numerous inches of memory foams and a layer of latex foam too.

It will be good for back sleepers, permitting enough support and sufficient sink to reduce pressure and make a sleep surface that cradles your lumbar and shoulders. It will likewise work well for a side sleeper too, enabling plenty of cushion to allow shoulder and hip and to sink in. This mattress is even alright for stomach sleepers, even with the leading several layers of comfort foam the coil system has plenty of support to keep your back from bowing.

Motion Transfer

This mattress is a hybrid mattress that uses separately covered coils for the core support group and covered with several inches of foam. This mattress may have a little vibrations when moving however should not be disruptive. The coil system separately wraps each coil in material which alone will greatly decrease any motion transfer. It likewise utilizes memory foam for most of convenience layers, and memory foam is not responsive and excellent at deadening movement. The foams will absorb the majority of vibrations and produce extremely minimal motion transfer to be felt. This bed mattress must be good for anybody who shares a bed due to the fact that of this, there will be little disruption when getting in and from bed.

Edge Support

The edge support on the DreamCloud hybrid bed mattress should feel steady and develop a strong, edge to edge functional sleep surface area. The stolen coils supply the essential support to provide the whole bed mattress a strong foundation, consisting of the edges also. Sleeping on this bed mattress you have the ability to feel a constant feel throughout the entire top of the bed. As far as resting on the edge goes, there is a little less support, but is strong enough for very little sitting usage.

Trial Period

The DreamCloud mattress has a 365 night sleep trial. This trial period permits more than an adequate quantity of time to see if this bed mattress is a great fit for you. And for some reason, it right should be simple to return.

 Mattress Warranty

This mattress has an Everlong Warranty. This guarantee covers any flaws in the products and building of the bed mattress the very first 10 years and will be replaced if any of these happen. After 10 years the service warranty will recuperate the repair work and recover from the mattress and possibly change if required. This does not apply to body impressions that are less than 1.5 ″ thick. This service warranty does exceed and beyond lots of rivals and reveals DreamClouds long-term commitment.

Overall Summary

After whatever we’ve just uncovered about the DreamCloud, how can the last word be anything but favorable?

A Queen-size DreamCloud is currently $1,399 on the company’s website– that’s with $200 off on their current sale. At an RRP of $1,599 for a queen-size mattress, the DreamCloud is definitely in the premium range of the bed mattress market.

DreamCloud presently uses a 6-month pricing plan on their site, so you do not always have to pay for the mattress all in one go.

Overall, the high-end cost of the DreamCloud is most likely warranted, and at its existing rate it could even be thought about competitive when compared to other high-end mattresses. The DreamCloud provides you exactly what you spend for.

We recommend this bed mattress if you:

  • Desire a premium bed mattress that will last a long period of time.
  • Wish to try before you purchase with a 365-day trial.
  • Like the concept of a lifetime ‘Everlong’ warranty.
  • Desire the very best in comfort and are willing to pay for it.
  • Want to sleep on top of quilted, hand-tufted cashmere.
  • Need a mattress that fights heat build-up and manages temperature successfully.
  • Want among the very best hybrids on the marketplace.

In general, this is a premium item with a cost that reflects it. However, with a 6-month financing alternative, a $200 discount, a 365-day complimentary trial, and a complimentary lifetime guarantee, the DreamCloud bed mattress is a premium piece of bed linen that we do not simply need to dream about…

DreamCloud Mattress

DreamCloud Mattress

Customer Satisfaction

9.0 /10

Motion Isolation

9.6 /10


9.5 /10


9.5 /10


9.0 /10


  • great value for money
  • premium materials
  • hybrid - memory foam and coils
  • one year risk free sleep trial


  • only 1 firmness level
  • not all made in USA

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