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Here’s the Smart Nora Review:

There are many anti-snoring devices out there. Most of the devices are invasive and involve wearing some kind of mouthpiece. However, Smart Nora is quite the opposite.

Smart Nora is a non-invasive snoring solution that allows you to sleep freely and however, you like.

Is it too good to be true? Can the anti-snoring pillow device actually work?

Here’s a quick video review of Smart Nora:

How Does Smart Nora Reduce Snoring?

smart nora sleeping

Smart Nora is smart enough to detect when someone is snoring. There is a built-in sensor housed within the Pebble unit. The device has the ability to pick up light snoring that usually comes before really loud snoring.

Then we get to the really clever bit: a flat, unobtrusive air sack is placed under the snorer’s pillow. When light snoring is detected, it inflates then immediately deflates, causing the snorer head to move.

This adjusts the air passages in your neck as well as throat, allowing air to move easily, which quits the snoring. The whole rising cost of living as well as deflation process takes about a min for a full cycle.

The pump is really quiet. I might hear it while testing it in the daytime if I place my ear right next to it, but it’s not audible to wake me up when resting. Even much less so when put under the bed. For the very first couple of days, it was a lot more the audio of the air sacks pumping up that would wake me.

Who is the Smart Nora intended for?

While this anti-snoring device is clearly developed for snorers, they also target another large group of individuals who are impacted by snoring– the partners who sleep next to snorers and lose sleep due to the noise.

The pump is near silent and business research study shows that this smart pillow inflates to remedy snoring prior to most partners even wake up, indicating both people can remain sleeping.

The pillow has the ability to be used by an adult with a snoring problem and is adjustable for different requirements.

In the case of a home with 2 snorers, the level of sensitivity and placement of the pebble can be adjusted, so the pillow inserts just inflates when needed.

While it’s possible that a partner’s snore may set off the other person’s gadget, the movement is so quiet and gentle that the occasional incorrect inflation should not be a problem.

How it Really Works:


My Smart Nora Review- just how reliable is it?

I do have the tendency to snore greatly when I am extremely weary as well as the settings have actually aided a lot, the device effectively found these durations of heavy snoring as well as pumped up the insert, which was silent and gentle in its activity. The inflation action went undetected when I remained in hefty sleep however it was a little bit awkward when I was just dropping off, once again I got made use of to this and sleep soundly with all the inflations and also deflations accepting the pillow as my partner’s arm.

The major question for the interested consumers will be, did the device work?

Is Smart Nora up to the mark according to the marketing claims?

The response is yes, a little bit of elevation could really impact the snoring, and my pillow insert elevated when my snoring hit higher decibels.

The Stone can be installed on the headboard. There is a self-adhesive sticker label on the back of the Stone– and the Smart Nora directions claim to place the Stone about four inches away. This has helped to pick up the lighter to moderate snoring as well as enhance precision.

For the Smart Nora Testimonial’s verdict, I would certainly state that the device is 100% reliable, comfy, resilient and very easy to clean.

The item gives back the complete worth of your money and the firm meets all its pledges of avoiding the snores from connecting to your neighboring partner’s ears. You can quickly bring the total collection to any area because of the wonderful product packaging as well as compatible your favorite pillow. This definitely is the item which will certainly keep you awake as a result of your partner’s soft snores and also make you think to buy one established for them also.

My Experience

I purchased my Nora gadget online, and delivery was speedy (good start). I saw that Nora has a 30-day return policy, which is reassuring.

I was stressed that this was going to be complicated to set up, and it is.

I linked the pillow insert to the Nora base, before plugging the Nora base into the wall and inserting the Pillow insert under my pillow, inside the case.

I didn’t see anywhere in the guidelines that the Pebble was to be charged for a couple of hours prior to utilizing, which can be done by plugging it into the Nora Base using the USB cable included. The lights on both the Pebble and main box are a little complicated. The guidelines do not state plainly where to look for these different status lights.

After two hours, I disconnected the Pebble, switched it on, changed the sensitivity settings (chosen to start on ‘high’) and my Smart Nora Device was all set for a trial run. There was a Bluetooth button to try and test the pillow inflation, however I needed to push that numerous times prior to it pumped up. Possibly the connection had to be developed first. I tried a number of other times after that and it didn’t work.

The first night was a moderate success, although external elements two times activated the Pebble– when by my wife getting up, and once by the noise of our home heater coming on. I decreased the level of sensitivity the next night, which sufficed.

It does take a little trial and error to find the optimal settings for this gadget. I am not a consistent snorer, and find that I am at my loudest just at particular phases of my sleep cycle. The gadget effectively discovered these durations of heavy snoring and pumped up the insert, which was peaceful and gentle in its action. This did wake me up on occasion, though not every time, and I suspect that this was down to how deeply I was sleeping at the time of activation. On the events when I was woken, nevertheless, it wasn’t a major disruption, and I could get back to sleep rapidly.

Naturally, the real test was whether it worked to stop my snoring.

The answer (courtesy of my tests using the SnoreLab app) was yes.

smart nora pillow

That couple of inches of additional elevation do help. The device triggered quickly, inflating the pillow insert as quickly as my snoring hit higher decibels. I haven’t evaluated putting the Pebble installed on my headboard. There is a self-adhesive sticker label on the back of the Pebble– and the Smart Nora directions state to position the Pebble about 4 inches away. This would assist get the lighter to moderate snoring and improve precision.


Smart Nora

Smart Nora

Customer Satisfaction

9.0 /10


9.6 /10


9.5 /10


8.7 /10

Temperature Neutrality

9.0 /10


  • reduces snoring
  • comfortable
  • reliable
  • non-invasive

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